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1.000 Ft - 130.000 Ft

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Twin Tank Spacer

SP-100 Scuba Tank band spacerUse this tank band for diving with two regular scuba tanks to separate the cyl...

Scuba SUS Tank Band

TB-232 Scuba SUS Tank BandThe back of your BCD that has the job of firmly holding your tank in place. A qua...

Scuba Tank Band TB-201

TB-201 Scuba Tank BandThe back of your BCD that has the job of firmly holding your tank in place. A quality...

Xtreme braided Jacket hoses

MIFLEX Xtreme braided Jacket hosesThe Xtreme high performance range of diving hoses has been developed in c...

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Single Weight Pocket

Designed to add up to 5 pounds of shot or hard weight Attaches by sliding over the end of 2inch webbing or ...

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Easy Gripper

Make your QD coupler easier to operate Helps when wearing thick gloves Wide, easy to grip collar Flat side ...


To repair your B.C. Cut tears on wetsuits, gloves and booties, rubber boots, inflatable boat, dry suit, and...

BCD Hanger HG-100

HG-100 Scuba BCD HangerDurable plastic designDesign for holding BCD, and some kind of Wetsuit, or Dry suit ...

Spare Inflator Lite

High end lightweight inflator, made in europe. Fits all DIRZONE Wings.


1200D “bulletproof” ballistic nylonPolyphrene hydro-drainage comfort padding4 holes along the bottom allow ...

Scuba Doube Tank BackPack w. harness

Scuba Double Tank Back PackStandard hard-plastic tank back pack with nylon webbing assembly, all buckle are...

Mares Prime

€ 296.88

The Prime offers comfort and style in a BCD that will amaze you! It is ideal for those who want to get star...

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