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1.000 Ft - 130.000 Ft

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Avanti Quattro +

The Avanti Quattro + fin is efficient and responsive, with great thrusting power and an attractive look! Ve...

6 colours available
Split Fins Open Heel Fins

Power RallsThe highly resilient power rails performa s the backbone of the splitfin, storing and releasing ...

9 colours available

€ 100.00

Discount price: € 101.47

Adjustable fin made of three different materials with powerful and comfortable Multi-flex power jetsFlexibl...

3 colours available
Mares X-Stream

€ 130.00

X-Stream comfort, X-ceptional efficiency, the X-Stream fin is the result of 60 passionate years developing ...

6 colours available
Beuchat JETTA

€ 13.89

Efficient finstroke with smaller negative zone thanks to power jet type openingsGood direction control than...

3 colours available
Plana Avanti X3

Another evolution of the fins which conquered the world.A medium-sized Tecraclene® blade with three channel...

3 colours available
Mares Wave

€ 80.75

Enjoy pure ease with the Wave. The blade includes a soft rubber insert for ideal Superchannel water flow an...

4 colours available
Volo Power
Mares Volo Power

€ 108.00

The Volo Power is a lightweight, easy and efficient fin which offers high performance with minimal exertion...

4 colours available
Excel +
Mares Excel +

€ 129.97

The Excel + fin offers propulsive force and unbeatable comfort! The back of the foot pocket is made from so...

3 colours available
Mares Raptor

€ 111.97

Mares applies its world class fin R&D to split fin technology• Nature's wing technology• Whale tail des...

3 colours available
Avanti Superchanel

The Avanti Superchannel OH is the latest evolution in Channel Thrust Technology, designed for the diver who...

3 colours available
Power Plana
Mares Power Plana

€ 116.00

The Power Plana is Mares' tech fin! Made of nearly indestructible natural rubber , the fin is negatively bu...

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