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Scuba Schools International (SSI) is an organization that teaches the skills involved in scuba diving and freediving, and supports dive businesses and resorts. SSI has over 2,500 authorized dealers, 35 regional centers, and offices all over the world.[citation needed] SSI offers internationally recognized recreational diver training programs -...

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Handling diving accident

Handling diving accident - with flowchart Dive profile Accident informations5 minute nerve check

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SSI Binder Dive Professional

€ 34.33

Discount price: € 6.63

Size: 36 X 29 X 7cm

No image

Size: 36 X 29 X 6cm

Card holder
SSI Card holder

€ 4.63

Rubber card holder for diving cards & other documents, with SSI design.

Combined Air/EANx dive tables

Combined Air/EANx dive tablesDoppler no-decompression limits based on U.S. Navy dive tablesTable 1 - No-Dec...

Neoprene iPad Case

Soft iPad case with elegant SSI design.Keep your iPad safe from scratches and dust!Available in black and p...

2 colours available
Neoprene Mask Strap

Every diver with hair knows how annoying it is to get your hair caught in your mask strap. This neoprene ma...

2 colours available
SSI 1GB Pendrive

Pendrive with 1GB storage - perfect for the essential documents and pictures!Comes in two type: lobster and...

SSI mug

€ 4.97

Official mug for Scuba Schools InternationalIf you pour warm liquid in it, exotic animals will appear on th...

Turtle keychain

Turtle shaped red keychain with SSI logo

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