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For over 25 years, SeaLife has made the world’s most popular underwater cameras. We developed the first SeaLife underwater camera in 1993. A new breed of cameras, our cameras made it easier and more enjoyable than ever before to take pictures underwater. In 2000, SeaLife pioneered underwater imaging with the introduction of its first digital...

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1200/1400 adapter

Sealife adapter for 1200/1400 cameras

1200/1400 Battery and Charger

Spare Battery and ChargerKeep a spare battery charged and ready to use for your SeaLife DC1400, DC1200 and ...

Accu for DC600

Accu for DC600  950mAh

Sealife Aquapod

€ 99.97

With the new AquaPod you can easily take pictures and videos of yourself and reclusive sea dwellers. Extrac...

Flash Diffuser SL961
Sealife Flash Diffuser SL961

€ 28.97

Discount price: € 9.97

Especially recommended for shooting with wide-angle lens and close-ups To get good pictures underwater, the...

Flex-Connect Handle
Sealife Flex-Connect Handle

€ 29.30

Discount price: € 13.30

A powerful, handheld dive lightConnect the powerful and compact Sea Dragon 1200 or 2000 Lumen light head to...

Sea Dragon Underwater camera Flex Connect micro Tray

Easily add two lights or flashes to your Underwater camera set. Use the Flex-Connect single Tray to mount t...

O-ring for DC500

O-ring for Sealife DC500 camera

O-ring kit for flash

SeaLife. O-ring kit for flash. Mfr:: 80241-005 ... Sphere composite dia 25mm hole 8mm

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