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Mares is a company of passionate dives who combine modern technology with unparalleled Italian craftsmanship to deliver the very best underwater dive experience possible. Ever since 1950, when Mares was founded by Italian freediving champion Ludovico Mares, the company has been at the forefront of diving technology. His considerable experience...

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2ND Shell
Mares 2ND Shell

€ 351.97

The 2nd Shell is the evolution of cold water wetsuits! A feature-rich 6mm steamer with great wearability th...

2NDSKIN Shorty
Mares 2NDSKIN Shorty

€ 87.63

Discount price: € 61.63

Mares’ 2nd Skin Shortie (1.5mm thick) is ideal for tropical waters. Underneath the shortie is a layer of Me...

Abyss 22X
Mares Abyss 22X

€ 458.63

The Abyss 22X dive regulator upholds Mares' tradition of excellence due to great engineering and design. A ...

Abyss 52X
Mares Abyss 52X

€ 451.24

The Abyss 52X regulator combined with the 52X first stage means the best for a high-caliber set up! The dou...

Mares Abyss

€ 213.75

The Abyss Octopus offers maximum dependability in the most demanding water conditions. Featuring a front co...

Crotch Strap
Mares Crotch Strap

€ 13.00

The Crotch Strap can be used with backmounted BCDs for ultimate stability.Can be used with Hybrid Pro TecUl...

Air Control
Mares Air Control

€ 159.99

The alternative air source from Mares, Air Control, offers the option to use the same hose for the octopus ...

Mares Amara

€ 24.94

The Amara gloves are made from 1.5mm black neoprene with palms and fingers covered with a double layer of s...

Apnea Backpack

Ideal for freediving equipmentUltra lightweightCompletely watertightExternal pocketDesigned with long freed...

Attack 100

Heat sealed bag with no stitchingAdjustable handlesAccomodates long freediving fins

Avanti Excel

The Avanti Excel fuses many great Mares technologies into a unique, extraordinary fin for demanding divers!...

3 colours available
Avanti Quattro +

The Avanti Quattro + fin is efficient and responsive, with great thrusting power and an attractive look! Ve...

6 colours available

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