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Highland dual tank bands have long been the premier choice of diving professionals. Highland is known for uncompromising quality, exacting tolerances, safety and customer satisfaction.

Nearly two decades ago, Highland Millworks set out to create the best twin cylinder bands in the diving industry. The original founder of Highland was Joe McGrath...

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Highland Backup

€ 51.99

A black silicon, 2 glasses, low profile mask by HIGHLAND®, perfect as a backup mask.A double ender bolt sna...

Book Screw Set

• Attach various accessories, such as mesh carry pouch to plate • One complete set, male & female • Sta...

Billy Ring 45°

Fixed positioned solid steel (316) D-Ring for 50mm harness, 45°

Billy Ring 90°

Fixed solid steel (316) D-Ring for 50mm webbing, 90° 

Regulator Necklace Black

• Available in two sizes: 7.5" (19 cm) and 10"  (25,4 cm) diameters • Attaches easily to any regulator seco...

Highland Argon Regulator

Compact first stage designed specifically for drysuit inflation DIN 1st stage for low profile attachment Fa...

100 mm / 4.0inch Shackle Bolt Snap

Boltsnap featuring a shackle on the lower end. Suitable as a spare part for measurement tape HL418 Ideal fo...

Inflator Tool

• Perfect field service tool • Service for Highland Inflator • Internal spanner for power inflator button •...

Deluxe Inline Shut-Off

Red colored visual indicator of closed position Green colored visual indicator of open position Install bet...

Tank Bands

Unique cam band has hoop/buckle feature to allow complete separation of buckle from strap 316 stainless ste...

Mini Tech SPG

Bright, white face - easy to read Ready to mount directly to a HP port of first stage Ready to mount direct...

Break Away Strap for HL911 - 5 pcs. per bag

Set up a break away connection with boltsnap HL911

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