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GIBIELLE Company was founded in 1960 as a private enterprise, specialized in manufacturing all kinds of molds and hence into the molding and processing of metals such as steel, aluminum, brass and copper.He started working in the diving field  in 1977 with major foreign companies, producing only on request small details or finished...

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Decanting Hose

Ideal for transferring air or breathing gas from one cylinder to the next when needed. This decanting hose ...

Hose Marker

Plastic spiral for marking your scuba diving hoses.

4 colours available
Wrist Strap

Secure your lamp lightly and securely with this corded wrist strap!

D-Ring Keeper

D-Ring Holder to place a d-ring with a hose clamp.Made from stainless steel.

Gibielle D-Ring

€ 2.97

Combined with a belt slide (sold separately) the D-ring is the best way to create an attachment point on so...

Double Tank Screw Kit

20 cm wide Stainless steel screw with female and base pads. Usable for attaching two twin cylinders and sta...

Mouthpiece Octopus Holder

This octopus holder essential to fix a 2nd regulator or octopus safely and guaranteeing quick accessibility...

Goodman Handle
Gibielle Goodman Handle

€ 40.30

Discount price: € 16.63

Anodized aluminium adjustable to fix torches, action cameras, speleo heads.

Gibielle Backplate

€ 87.63

Features:- Both backplates have the same shape and size (397 mm x 263 mm).- Are compatible with any standar...

HP Hose
Gibielle HP Hose

€ 29.63

The typical high pressure thermoplastic hose is a 7/16-inch male at the end that screws into the first stag...

HP Elbow
Gibielle HP Elbow

€ 16.90

Rotary elbow for high pressure outlet with 7/16 ´´thread.

Twin Tank Bands

Stainless Steel Twin Tank Bands.171 mm diameter, suitable for 8, 10 or 12 liters twintanks.Height 50 mm 

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